Titanium fishing tool design & development

This precision-machined titanium fishing tool is designed to be the coveted piece for the most die-hard fisherman’s toolbelt. These 6” pliers are ruggedized, ultra corrosion resistant, and feature a pair of replaceable high-carbon stainless steel line cutters. Our team developed this product from concept to manufacturing to complement the product line of an existing and rising fishing brand.

SORD Fishing Products reached out to Emergnt to design an improved pair of top-of-the-line 6” titanium fishing pliers to compliment the 7” pair already featured in their product line. SORD wanted a new, fresh design with technical improvements over their existing product to release a high-quality tool that could last a lifetime.

Defining Requirements:

This product is meant to function with longevity in an extremely harsh environment. Thus the product requirements were for very specific materials and tightly-constrained mechanical tolerances.

  1. Hyper-corrosion resistant
  2. Precision tolerances (Less than a 0.008” gap between plier jaws.)
  3. Durable and wear-resistant
  4. Ergonomic and functional design

Design Process:

Materials Selection

Our engineers carefully selected materials to prevent corrosion and hold up in the harsh environments of saltwater fishermen. Our team carefully considered dissimilar metals, galvanic corrosion, manufacturability, and cost to select the ideal material for each component.

Aesthetic design

Our designers surveyed similar products, using the market competitors as inspiration for a novel design that complimented the SORD product line with a new flare.

Ergonomic Design

Our design team developed a unique ergonomic design for the plier grips. We engaged SORD in this process by iteratively rapid-prototyping the grips for SORD to feel and provide feedback.

3D CAD Modeling

Our Mechanical Engineer designed each part down to the details, designing the internals for maximum durability and performance.

Production Drawings and Tolerances

Once design was approved by SORD, our team drafted production drawings to industry standards. For this precision machined product, these drawings were detailed with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance that ensured every sample would meet requirements in production.

Production Sourcing:

Once SORD approved the final production package, our team helped them source a manufacturing facility for sampling and production. We worked closely with the factory to communicate the finer details of the design and make necessary production-stage revisions up until SORD received a viable production sample and placed an order for their new product!

“The thing I have liked about working with Emergnt is the attention to detail they provided. There have been times where I thought we had checked every detail, but the company was ultra-thorough…. These are going to be the go-to pliers for anyone looking for a pair of titanium pliers in the offshore fishing world!”
-Steven Vanden Heuvel, President

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