Product Design and Development Service

If your business requires new products tailored to your needs, Emergnt Design Labs can help you. We can interpret your industrial insights and requirements into new products that meet market standards and user expectations. Our approach centers on agile principles and a design-for-manufacture strategy to ensure efficient product development for your needs and future production. With your market experience and our technical expertise we can promptly create crafted products for your industry.

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Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with Product Design and Development Service

Leveraging deep industry insights, CEOs and business owners like you have a unique vantage point that can transform into a formidable competitive advantage when paired with Emergnt Design Labs’ Product Design and Development Service. Our service crystallizes your knowledge into market-leading products, delivering three core benefits: expanded market share through innovation, accelerated revenue growth with customer-centric designs, and enhanced profit margins via cost-efficient development. Our commitment to operational agility ensures your business adapts swiftly to evolving market demands while the integration of the latest technology positions you as a beacon of innovation. Embrace our sustainable, forward-thinking approach to meet today’s consumer needs and anticipate and define tomorrow’s market standards. In partnering with us, your unique market insights catalyze a strategic transformation, propelling your business to unparalleled success.

Market Expansion and Sales Growth

◦ Increased Market Share: Introducing innovative products to capture a larger market share.
◦ Revenue Growth: Launching appealing new products to boost sales.
◦ Global Market Penetration: Designing products for international markets to facilitate global expansion.

Brand Development and Customer Engagement

◦ Brand Strengthening: Enhancing brand image with high-quality, resonant designs.
◦ Customer Loyalty: Consistently exceeding expectations to build a loyal customer base.
◦ Customer Insights: Utilizing design thinking to tap into customer needs and drive future product development.

Financial Optimization and Operational Efficiency

◦ Cost Efficiency: Improving margins with smarter design and material choices.
◦ Scalability: Creating products that scale easily, maintaining quality as demand grows.
◦ Faster Time-to-Market: Streamlining the development process for quicker product launches.

Innovative Leadership and Technological Edge

◦ Innovation Leadership: Positioning the company as a leader in product innovation.
◦ Technology Integration: Embedding the latest technologies to enhance product appeal and functionality.
◦ Intellectual Property Development: Generating new IP for long-term market advantage.

Risk Management and Compliance Assurance

◦ Risk Mitigation: Proactively addressing potential design and usability issues.
◦ Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring products meet all current regulations and standards.
◦ Product Lifespan Extension: Designing durable products to maximize ROI and reduce environmental impact.

Sustainability and Global Responsiveness

◦ Sustainability: Developing products that align with consumer demand for eco-friendliness.
◦ Supply Chain Optimization: Creating resilient product designs for more efficient manufacturing.
◦ Operational Agility: The ability to rapidly adapt to market shifts and consumer trends.

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Tailored for Your Trade: Discover Design Services That Elevate Your Industry

At Emergnt Design Labs, our Product Design and Development Services are custom-crafted to address the distinct needs of your trade. We equip Large Corporations and Multinationals with innovative designs that ensure brand consistency and global market dominance. B2B Enterprises benefit from our precision-tailored products that enhance their service offerings, while Established SMEs enjoy the agility to scale and capture new market segments. Consumer-focused companies will see their products resonate with their target audience, fostering loyalty and brand strength. For Manufacturing and Industrial Firms, we offer strategies that streamline operations and boost production efficiency. Retail Businesses and Distributors can expect designs that attract and engage customers, driving sales and competitive advantage. In each stitch of our design fabric, we weave the potential for growth, innovation, and a robust industry presence, positioning your business at the vanguard of your sector.

Large Corporations and Multinationals

Multinationals seek innovative design at scale, valuing strategic partnerships that offer consistency and global market leadership.

B2B Enterprises with Custom Solutions

Specialized B2B solutions command high engagement, with enterprises valuing tailored innovation that integrates into their clients' operations.

Established SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)

SMEs often have the agility to implement innovative designs quickly, seeking to expand their market share and refresh their brand.

Consumer-Focused Companies

These companies prioritize design to differentiate the market, aiming to build loyalty and lead trends.

Manufacturing and Industrial Firms

With a focus on practicality and efficiency, these firms look for design services that promise improved operational excellence.

Retail Businesses and Distributors

Retailers and distributors, often with tighter margins, need designs that promise quick turnover and market appeal to enhance sales and customer retention.

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Turning Concepts into High-Performance Products: Our Six-Step Strategy

Emergnt Design Labs specializes in transforming ideas into high-performance products focusing on Design for Manufacturing. Our approach ensures seamless, cost-effective production, streamlining the development cycle and optimizing expenses. Leveraging a results-driven Scrum project management system, we embrace flexibility, rapid prototyping, and continuous feedback integration. This agile method keeps us attuned to client needs and market shifts, fostering a collaborative space where design evolves through empirical analysis and client insights. Our cross-functional teams blend creative design with technical precision, supported by a virtual operation model that cuts overheads, benefiting our clients financially. By partnering with us, you’re assured of a streamlined journey from concept to market leader. Emergnt Design Labs is where your visionary ideas are meticulously crafted into the next generation of industry-leading products.

Requirement Definition

Starting with a deep dive into the problem statement to define precise requirements without preconceived solutions, ensuring the product is valid and tailored to the customer's needs.

Concept Design

Engaging industrial designers to create professional concept art, offering unique solutions and a concept review process that includes client collaboration to identify the best fit for market needs.

Iterative Design

An iterative design phase follows, where concepts may be revisited and combined, with a strong emphasis on manufacturability from the outset, thanks to close collaboration between designers and engineers.

Technical Design

Specialists from various engineering disciplines, from mechanical to software engineering, collaborate to refine the product's technical aspects, addressing the increasing complexity of modern products.

Prototype Development

Development of iterative prototypes through a network of third-party partners, allowing for hands-on feedback and refinement before final production.

Manufacturing Preparation

Finalizing the design for manufacturing, engaging with manufacturing agents and factories for feedback, and preparing a production package to receive manufacturing quotes.

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Products We Design and Develop

You might be surprised by the range of products within our capabilities. We recognize the value of every product and idea. We also understand that there is only one proven way for an idea to materialize into a product: through the fundamental product development process. We serve clients across diverse industries and are always ready for unexpected challenges. 

Consumer Goods Development

Custom Consumer Product Development Excellence

Emergnt Design Labs excels in delivering custom product development that aligns with the current pulse of the consumer market. As a client, you can expect a streamlined process from one of the top consumer product development companies, where your unique market insights are transformed into tangible products through our rapid product development services. We specialize in quick-turnaround projects, ensuring that our quick product creations are both innovative and consumer-focused. Our expertise spans from outdoor product design to all-encompassing end-to-end product design, ensuring that every product is robust and market-ready. By partnering with us, your business benefits from our commitment to excellence in product design and development services, which translates into a competitive edge, customer satisfaction, and amplified financial returns. With Emergnt Design Labs, you're not just developing a product. You're gearing up for success in the consumer goods market.

Medical Device Development

Precision Medical Device Development

Emergnt Design Labs is a pioneer in custom product development, particularly within the medical device arena. Our product design and development services are tailored to the stringent requirements of medical product innovation. With a deep understanding of rapid product development, our team is committed to delivering solutions that meet the urgent needs of healthcare providers and patients alike. Our prompt development services are designed to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that every medical device we develop is not only innovative but also fully compliant with health standards. By leveraging our expertise in new product development services, clients gain access to cutting-edge medical devices that prioritize patient safety and functionality. Partnering with Emergnt Design Labs means entrusting your medical device's journey to a team dedicated to precision, efficiency, and excellence, ultimately enhancing patient care and providing competitive advantages in the healthcare market.

Electronic Accessories Development

Innovative Electronic Accessories Design

Emergnt Design Labs is at the forefront of consumer product development, focusing on crafting electronic accessories that set new industry benchmarks. Our rapid product development is essential in the fast-paced electronics sector, delivering market-ready solutions promptly. With our comprehensive product design and development services, we address every aspect of creation, from initial concept to final product execution, ensuring our clients benefit from the most advanced rapid development services available. Our custom product development process is fine-tuned for electronic accessories, emphasizing user interface, compatibility, and innovation. By choosing Emergnt Design Labs, clients can expect electronic accessories that not only resonate with consumers but also enhance brand reputation and market presence. Our dedication to quality and functional design positions our clients as leaders in the electronic accessories market, driving consumer engagement and business growth.

Street Furniture Development

Urban Street Furniture Innovation

At Emergnt Design Labs, our expertise extends into the design of street furniture, where functionality meets urban aesthetics. We're a leading consumer product development company that applies rapid product development techniques to create durable, stylish, and user-friendly street furniture. Our end-to-end product design process ensures that every bench, kiosk, and shelter we develop is not only a piece of art but also enhances the fabric of the cityscape. With our rapid development services, municipalities and businesses can quickly see their visions come to life. Our outdoor product design experience ensures that all products withstand the elements and the test of time, providing lasting value. Clients benefit from our holistic approach to commercial product development, which results in street furniture that improves public spaces, encourages community engagement, and reflects the locale's character, all while adhering to environmental and safety standards.

Consumer Goods Development

Next-Gen Exercise Equipment Design

In the dynamic fitness world, Emergnt Design Labs is a consumer product development company committed to engineering cutting-edge exercise equipment. Our custom product development harnesses rapid development techniques to deliver ergonomic and technologically advanced fitness solutions. With a swift and efficient prompt development service, we ensure that our client’s products move from concept to market with industry-leading speed. Our new product development services integrate consumer insights with agile design principles, resulting in exercise equipment that is both innovative and reliable. Partnering with us, clients gain a competitive edge through products that cater to the evolving demands of fitness enthusiasts. Our commitment to excellence in outdoor and end-to-end product design means each piece of equipment is crafted for performance, durability, and user satisfaction, propelling our clients to the forefront of the fitness industry.

Sporting Accessories Development

Advanced Sporting Accessories Design

At Emergnt Design Labs, our product design and development services are strategically positioned to innovate within the sporting accessories market. As a consumer product development company, we utilize rapid product development to craft custom sporting goods that resonate with athletes and enthusiasts alike. Our prompt development services are designed to keep pace with the fast-moving sports industry, ensuring timely and efficient product rollouts. With our comprehensive new product development services, we focus on creating accessories that provide both enhanced performance and increased comfort. Clients who collaborate with us benefit from our agile approach to custom product development, which translates into sporting accessories that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior. Emergnt Design Labs is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of outdoor product design, delivering products that stand up to the rigors of the sport while elevating the user experience.

Electronics Development

Cutting-Edge Electronics Design Solutions

Emergnt Design Labs is a trailblazer in the electronics sector, offering custom product development that integrates the latest technological advancements with consumer needs. As a renowned consumer product development company, we employ rapid product development to stay ahead in the fast-evolving electronics market. Our end-to-end product design process ensures that from concept to commercialization, every electronic product we craft meets the highest standards of innovation and usability. Clients benefit from our rapid development services, translating into shorter time-to-market for high-demand electronics. Our new product development services are not just about creating products; they're about inventing solutions that enhance daily life and push the boundaries of what's possible. By partnering with Emergnt Design Labs, clients receive expertly designed electronics that stand out for their sophistication, functionality, and market appeal, ensuring consumer engagement and business success.

Outdoor Gear Development

Innovative Outdoor Gear Development

Emergnt Design Labs specializes in outdoor product design, bringing custom product development to the adventurous spirit of the great outdoors. Our expertise as a consumer product development company shines when creating durable, functional, and innovative outdoor gear that meets the rigorous demands of nature enthusiasts. Through rapid product development, we ensure that our outdoor equipment not only withstands the elements but also enhances the user's interaction with the environment. Our prompt development services allow for swift iteration and deployment, which is crucial in the fast-paced outdoor market. Clients benefit from our end-to-end product design, which guarantees that each piece of gear is meticulously crafted to offer superior performance and safety. By leveraging our new product development services, clients receive tailored solutions that empower outdoor adventurers and position brands as leaders in the outdoor industry, driving market share and consumer loyalty.

Soft Goods Development

Tailored Soft Goods Design Innovation

In soft goods, Emergnt Design Labs is a consumer product development company with a distinct flair for combining form and function. Our custom product development services are tailored to create textiles that resonate with comfort and style while maintaining the practicality essential to soft goods. Leveraging rapid product development, we bring products to market at an unprecedented pace, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Our product design and development services are comprehensive, encompassing everything from initial material selection to final production details. Clients who choose our rapid development services benefit from a holistic approach that addresses the unique challenges of soft goods design, ensuring products are not just aesthetically pleasing but also durable and user-friendly. Partnering with Emergnt Design Labs means investing in soft goods that stand out for quality, driving consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Baby Products Development

Safe and Innovative Baby Product Design

At Emergnt Design Labs, we create baby products that blend safety, innovation, and comfort. As a leading consumer product development company, we focus on custom product development that meets the highest standards for the youngest consumers. Our rapid product development process is sensitive to the unique demands of baby products, prioritizing non-toxic materials, ergonomic design, and intuitive usability. With our prompt development services, we deliver market-ready items quickly without compromising on quality or safety. Our product design and development services are end-to-end, ensuring that from concept to crib, every product undergoes rigorous testing and refinement. Clients benefit from our expertise in new product development services that result in items parents trust and babies love. By choosing Emergnt Design Labs, brands ensure their baby products are synonymous with care, enhancing their market position and customer loyalty.

Thermal Products Development

Advanced Thermal Product Design Solutions

Emergnt Design Labs is a critical player in the consumer product development arena, particularly in the sophisticated field of thermal products. Our custom product development is centered on creating solutions that manage temperature with precision and innovation. Utilizing rapid product development strategies, we market thermal products that stand out for their technological advancements and energy efficiency. Our prompt development services are crucial in an industry where the timely delivery of robust and reliable thermal solutions can define market leadership. Clients benefit from our comprehensive product design and development services that cover all phases, from heat analysis to ergonomic design, ensuring the end products not only perform exceptionally but are also user-friendly and safe. With Emergnt Design Labs, clients can expect thermal products that push the boundaries of thermal management, driving consumer confidence and business growth.

Toys Development

Creative Toy Design and Development

Emergnt Design Labs is at the cutting edge of consumer product development, infusing joy and imagination into toy creation. As a specialized consumer product development company, we excel in custom product development for toys that captivate young minds and encourage playful learning. Our rapid product development approach ensures that new and innovative toys reach the market swiftly, keeping pace with the latest trends and children's evolving interests. We provide comprehensive product design and development services, focusing on safety, educational value, and entertainment. Clients benefit from our rapid development services that bring to life toys designed for durability, usability, and fun. With Emergnt Design Labs, toy manufacturers gain partners committed to enriching children's lives through engaging and thoughtfully designed products, ensuring their offerings stand out in a crowded marketplace and win the hearts of families worldwide.

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Our portfolio features some of our favorite projects, and we'd like to include your here next.

Hopr’s vehicle docking station

This product was developed as a street-safe station for managing HOPR’s bike and scooter rideshare fleet in Rochester, NY. The modular design allows the station to be properly anchored and provides compatibility for varying numbers of bikes, scooter, signage. This product was designed and optimized for economic steel fabrication. Our team developed the product concept, 3D CAD models, and production files. We worked closely with the production partner to accommodate their capabilities.

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Niu’s production punch for the large hadron collider

This piece of production equipment, developed through a partnership with Northern Illinois University, is designed specifically for the Large Hadron Collider. Our engineers modified existing 3D CAD Models of the equipment to the specs provided by NIU and drafted Production Drawings for CNC Machining.

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Sedation systems’ vent connector

This product was developed as an accessory to a Medical Device- Sedation Systems’ Nitrous Analgesia system and Miniscav device. The Vent Connector is designed to safely remove exhalant and excess nitrous from the environment by emptying it into a sink drain. Emergnt developed this product for Additive Manufacturing and designed for ease of assembly.

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Sedation systems’ miniscav

This Class II Medical Device was developed to pair with Sedation Systems’ Nitrous Analgesia system. The product is designed to safely remove exhalant and excess nitrous from the environment by emptying it into a sink drain through the Vent Connector. The product was designed to meet the FDA’s requirements for scavenging, and fabrication and assembly was sourced in the United States at an FDA approved facility.

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