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FAQ About Product Development Services

As a virtual business, our designers and engineers provide our clients with full-service product development online. Our team is US-based and works from across the country.

Our official business address is in Tierra Verde, Florida.

Our team is dedicated to working FAST and never being the dragging force in your product development cycle. Project durations can depend heavily on the product’s complexity and lead times for stock components, prototyping, and production. In the past, our projects have ranged from a couple of weeks to over a year long.

If completing your project quickly is essential, immediately fill out the form below and start working with our team today.

Every aspect of our business is carefully designed to provide the most value at the best cost advantage in the Industrial Design market. Most projects are billed hourly, so costs depend heavily on the complexity and scope of the project. We provide accurate estimates on our project proposals. To find out what your project will cost, complete the form below.

Yes! Our On-Demand Team has collaborative relationships with…

  • Prototyping Shops
  • Manufacturing Agents
  • Production Facilities
  • Legal and Regulatory Advisors
  • Patent Firms
  • Startup/Entrepreneurship Incubators
  • Other Industrial Design Firms
  • Freelance Design and Engineering Specialists


If you fall into any of these categories or do anything in product development, complete the form below and start a collaborative conversation with our team today.